From pre-research investigation to our final recommendations, Footprints Market Research work to uncover the story behind the data.

Local knowledge, national reach

We have considerable experience across global brand research as well as national and Queensland-based businesses and government departments.

We’ve worked with consumers, health professionals, inner city residents, local communities, not-for profits, tourism operators, small businesses, corporate decision-makers – and many, many more.

Whatever your sector or market, we can devise a market research strategy and fine-tune it so we reach exactly the market you’re after.

Our pre-research stage will help you:

  • Quality and quantify your business goals
  • Identify your core and peripheral markets
  • Clarify the strategic agenda of your organisation

Actionable recommendations

Once we’ve conducted the market research, we hold a debriefing and discussion session with you before producing your report. In your report, you’ll find easy-to-follow recommendations you can use to achieve your goals.

When you have key insights into your customers, and real knowledge of market drivers, you have more certainty, which means better business decisions in both the short term and the long term.

The valuable insights we bring you (through a combination of methodologies) will help you:

Understand your market (segmentation of customers, competitor profiling)

 Understand your customers (usage patterns, decision‐making processes and attitudes towards your product or service)

Develop your brand (testing it in the market, refining packaging, reviewing your offering, consolidating your strategy)

Develop, test and evaluate your campaign (Did you achieve your goals? Have you communicated the right message?)

Investigate broader issues (social issues and trends, consumer attitudes and behaviour)


Make an impression