Our goal is to give you certainty backed by solid, credible data. It’s expert market research to help you make better business decisions.

We delve deep into your market research brief to make sure you get high-quality, focused insights into your own business (and that of your competitors).

We’re fiercely independent, so we aren’t restricted to using proprietary market research methodologies, instead, we use a combination of traditional and innovative research techniques such as online forums, community panels, telephone and face-to-face interviews, mystery shopping and focus groups. This means we can offer you a more personalised and flexible approach, undertaken by principals who truly care about your business.

We’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, so we understand the environment in which you operate and the social and economic issues that affect your market. However, we aren’t limited to Queensland and have a stable group of clients across Australia. We are passionate researchers who believe that research results are only valuable when you understand the full implications and the real story behind the data. When you have sound market research backing your decisions, and understand your customers better, you can make more assured and rational business decisions with confidence and less risk. You won’t be wasting your budget in areas that won’t bear fruit and, once you understand key drivers in your markets, you can target your resources for maximum effect.So far we’ve helped commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations to achieve their goals.

So far we’ve helped commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations to achieve their goals.

Nicola Pringle – founder

Nicola has more than 25 years’ experience in market and social research. After graduating from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in Psychology with Business Studies, she worked with major brands such as Nestlé, Guinness and American Express. In Australia, Nicola had large agency experience at a senior level before founding Footprints Market Research. Nicola’s primary expertise and major focus is in motivational research and understanding what influences consumer and community behaviours.